The technology/behaviour balance in energy saving: Claire Whitely, Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide has considerable experience implementing both technical measures and staff behavioural solutions for energy management. They have concluded that greater impact is achieved when the two are integrated and co-ordinated, and this session explains the company’s approach.

Controls in hotels: Anthony Osborne, ICDM

Improved automatic control is one of the most cost-effective ways to save energy, while misuse and neglect of automatic controls will generally carry a heavy penalty in hidden energy waste and avoidable cost. Anthony will provide examples from his own experience of both good and bad practice.

Cooking up savings: energy in kitchens and catering: John Mulholland

Hotel kitchens are full of power-hungry equipment. But what are the main items to pay attention to, and how can staff minimise their energy consumption and avoid wasted expenditure? What replacement options are there with lower running costs? And what secondary benefits might you expect? John will provide the answers based on the many hotel projects he has carried out.

Chilling and air conditioning: Dave Covell, Clearlead

The energy consumed to provide space cooling in hotels is possibly the least understood of all utility costs. Most hoteliers outsource the maintenance of these systems and therefore their efficient operation is completely reliant upon the capability of a third party. This session will aim to provide you with a little more knowledge on what to look for and ask for, to help ensure that these costs are better understood and minimised.

Improving your metering: Bill Gysin, Elcomponent

The better your energy submetering, the better you can manage your energy expenditure. Bill will talk about the factors that make a metering improvement project successful or otherwise.

The off-grid hotel: Daniel Curtis

Finca Argayall, a remote hotel on La Gomera in the Canaries, has no grid power. Daniel will explain how he helped them minimise the use of diesel generators through a combination of energy awareness, technical energy management, and the development of a hybrid diesel/photovoltaic battery-inverter system.

Photo courtesy Finca Argayall

Guest engagement: the elephant in the room (facilitated by Vilnis Vesma)

You may have trained and motivated your employees, but how can you motivate your guests not to waste heating, lighting, air conditioning and hot water? In this interactive session, delegates will work in groups to refine a five-step protocol that has been devised for the event and which will help you engage everyone to the benefit of your profits and of the environment.

The programme allows for questions and answers after each presentation.



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