The 2017 conference

Minimising energy use is good for our bottom lines, for the environment, for future generations and for our reputations in a market which increasingly competes on the basis of green credentials.

Delegates collaborate on messages for engaging guests

This conference spanned technical and human-factors aspects of energy saving. As well as explaining some of the engineering improvements that we can make and the practicalities of energy metering, our contributors looked at staff awareness and motivation. We also heard about fuel-saving initiatives at an off-grid hotel and a six-point protocol to nudge all our guests (green-minded and otherwise) towards using heating, lighting, air conditioning and hot water less wastefully, all without compromising the quality of their stay.

Vilnis Vesma, Conference Organiser


The organisers would like to thank the conference steering group. Left to right: Fran Hughes, International Tourism Partnership; David Dunbar, Whitbread; Paulina Bohdanowicz-Godfrey, Hilton Worldwide; Rebecca Hawkins, Responsible Hospitality Partnership

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